Ballina Hockey Club runs junior and senior social twilight competitions during the summer months 6pm at Ballina Hockey and Sports Complex. The competitions usually run November – December and again from February through to Easter (or there about).  Its a great way to get fit after the summer holidays and have some social fun before winter competition starts.

new, inexperienced and current players all welcome

Masters teams & draws

Juniors – 2017

  • Thursday 19 October  – Junior summer fitness twilight commences – Thursdays, 5-6 pm – BHC turf
  • Thursday 19 October  – Summer fitness and twilight U15’s-U21’s commences – Thursdays, 6-7/7.30 pm.
  • cost: Juniors U18 FREE. Over 18’s $5 per week
  • mixed competition (lads and lasses)
  • equipment supplied, mouth guard compulsory. Bring a towel and water, will have a game at the end of fitness
  • Further information: Alison Porter:

Masters – 2017

  • commences 1 November (comp finishes 20 December)
  • 6:00 pm Wednesday evenings, 1/2 field – 2 x 25 minute games
  • 8 week mixed competition O35s (men and women)
  • cost: $5 per player, per game for those currently registered with FNC and $40 rego (completed online)
  • enter your team or enter as an individual player (we will find a team for you).
  • Further information: Karen Stone


  • 6 players per side on the filed at a time. 1/2 field
  • 25  minute halves – 5 minutes break
  • Seniors if you are playing at 6pm please be at the fields to sign on and pay at 5.45 pm and if playing at 7 pm please arrive 6.45 pm.
  • Those who are umpiring are volunteers who are playing at the same time which can be quite challenging at the best of times, so please do not argue. They can still send you to the Naughty Chair!!




We would like to thank all the organisations that support the Ballina Hockey Club. To view a full list, visit the Ballina Hockey Sponsors Page.