Women train at the Ballina Hockey and Sport Complex on Tuesday evenings from 6 pm (with the exception of B2 Black)


  • A Grade: Alison Porter, 0414 816 603 tabalon@bigpond.com
  • A Reserve Grade: Helen Jarvie, 0414 320 036, h2jarvie@bigpond.com
  • B1 White Grade: John Truman
  • B1 Black: Brett Crawford & Alison Porter
  • B2 White: Manager Dawn Aitken
  • B2 Grade: Alison Porter

Teams 2017

Club Members, thank you all for you nominations and attendance at our trials 5 March 2017. Registrations are to be completed ASAP to confirm your places in these teams as our books have been closed. The following teams are initial selections only and are subject to change in the first 4 weeks of competition:

A Grade:
Coach – Alison Porter
Training – Tuesday fitness – 6-7, turf- 7-8
Sacha Murnane
Corinna Busse
Alison Daniel
Cassie Petty
Hannah Hosie
Sam Peiti
Karina Perris
Macey Anderson
Georgie Porter
Abby Allsopp
Erica Truman
Leah Jenkins
Jenny Hollier
Billie King-Venn

Reserve Grade;
Coach – Helen Rankin-Jarvie
Training – Tuesday fitness – 6-7, turf – 7-8
Letitia Bolton
Helen Rankin-Jarvie
Alison Porter
Vicki Morgan
Trixie Donald
Sophie Leonard
Kate Walton
Ainslie Gover
Annabelle Gover
Brooke Hodge
Julia Wright
Sally Porter
Giaan Peiti
Emily Hart

B1 White:
Coach – John Truman
Training – Tuesday 6-7
Chris Eather
Sue Miller
Connie D’Anna
Molly Parr
Ali Parr
Alison Larresscy
Sue Hunter
Kerry Humphries
Leanne Holmes
Olivia Fleeting
Emily Fleeting
Lara Truman
Thea Roberts
Belle White
Connie Greenwood

B1 Black:
Coach – Brett Crawford/Alison Porter
Training – Tuesday – 6-7
(currently no GK)
Cherie Crawford
Bernie Arundell
Sam Handley
Leigh Apps
Janet Gray
Tiffany Sullivan
Sam Jonsson
Abbey Porter
Gabby Arundell
Aeryn Peiti
Tahlia Morris
Lily Cronin
Bec Hardy
Cath Foxover

B2 White:
Coach – to be confirmed, Manager Dawn Aitken
Training – Tuesday 6-7
Anne Lake
Karen Stone
Sam Miller
Trixie Miller
Leesa Anderson
Georgia Anderson
Lily Christmas
Charlotte Unsworth
Shimi Sathianandan
Kristy Cocks
Tracy Martin
Sharon Morris
Charlotte Morris
Melissa Thorogood

B2 Black
Coach – Alison Porter and help needed
Training – Monday – 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Victoria Pippo
Lisa Franklin
Aysha Franklin
Jenny Grant
Amanda Whitting
Caitlin Whitting
Deb Gover
Lauren Hennessey
Juliette Eyles
Erin Dalli
Sonia Venn
Ellie Venn
Letitia Bolton
Karen Perris
Emma Trustum


Al Porter on 0414 816 603 tabalon@bigpond.com




We would like to thank all the organisations that support the Ballina Hockey Club. To view a full list, visit the Ballina Hockey Sponsors Page.


2017 teams TBA


Women train at the Ballina Hockey and Sport Complex on Tuesday evenings.

  • A and A-Reserve women  –  Tuesdays – fitness 6.00-7.00 pm, turf skills 7.00-8.30 pm
  • B1 and B2 women – Tuesdays – turf skills 6.00-7.00 pm, fitness as determined by coaches


For further information contact president@ballinahockey.org.au