Life members

Great people who have made our Club fantastic

2017 – Chris Eather “Chrisy”
Chrisy’s achievements over the past 22 years include:

  • Chris has been on the Club’s Board of Management for the last 7 years through her role as canteen supervisor.
  • Chris has held this position since the Ballina’s turf inception in 2011.
  • Chris works tirelessly every week during the hockey season, and often in the off season when required, ensuring the canteen is stocked; cleaned; ensures the Club meets its requirements under legislation for food preparation, hygiene, occupational health and safety standards; leads our responsible service of alcohol; as well as ensures the canteen has rostered helpers.
  • Chris has played for BHC for the past 22 years as a goalie through the grades and always ready to back up other grades when required.
  • Chris was awarded best female club member in 2011.
  • Chris is a great ambassador to hockey community and a great asset to our Club.

Chris has also accomplished the following throughout her hockey career:

  • Treasurer of the then FNC Women’s Hockey Association for many years.
  • Treasurer for the new FNC Inc board for 9 years.
  • Co-ordinator of the FNC Veterans (Masters) uniforms for many years.
  • Canteen assistant at Lismore from the conception of turf at Goonellabah
  • Chris has represented FNC at Veterans Hockey (Masters) for 25 years where her achievements and wins have been many.
  • Chris has played for Vets at NSW level and gone on to represent Australia on 2 occasions for vets.
  • Chris has received a State Services Award for Veterans hockey for her outstanding contribution for NSW in 2016.

2016 – Steve Hunter

Steve joined the Club in  2005. Positions held during this time include:

  • BHC Vice President – 2008 – 2010 (3 years)
  • BHC Secretary – 2011 – 2016 (6 years)
  • Senior women coach for reserve grade and A grade
  • Junior coach
  • Men’s captain and coach B grade men
  • Was part of the team involved in BHC’s strategic planning working group in 2009 to develop our junior program, increase club numbers and the start of bringing our new club house and turf to fruition.
  • BHC Secretary during the inaugural year of the Turf Complex (and all the complexities involved for the new facility
  • Was instrumental as the master builder and contractor for the construction of the BHC club house and turf complex
  • BHC best club male numerous occasions
  • Representative veteran hockey player for FNC & Hockey NSW.

2016 – John Parker “JP”
JP joined the Club in 1997. Positions held during his 20 years with the Club include:

  • BHC President – 2008 – 2010 (3 years)
  • BHC Vice President – 2005 – 2007 (3 years) and again 2011 – 2016 (6 years)
  • Junior coach from U9s to U15 (7 Years)
  • Men’s B grade coach, manager Men’s A grade
  • BHC senior men’s team selector
  • BHC representative on FNC Judiciary – 2014-2016
  • Was part of the team involved in BHC’s strategic planning working group in 2009 to develop our junior program, increase club numbers and the start of bringing our new club house and turf to fruition.
  • BHC President during the development and planning phase of the Turf Complex (and all the complexities involved for the new facility) as well as Vice President during the inaugural year of the turf.
  • Volunteer work during the construction of the new club house and turf complex.
  • Representative veteran hockey player for BHC, FNC & Hockey NSW (& nominated this year for Australian Over 50’s #1 side).

2016 – Alison Porter “Al”
Al joined the Club in 1994. Positions held during her 22 years with the Club include:

  • BHC President – 2011-2015 (5 years)
  • BHC V President – 1998-1999 (2 years)
  • BHC Treasurer – 2008-2009 (2 years)
  • Junior coach – Minkey and U13’s for over 10 years
  • Senior women coach – C grade, B2 and B Reserve grades and A grade
  • Umpire
  • Summer fitness
  • Was part of the team involved in BHC’s strategic planning working group in 2009 to develop our junior program, increase club numbers and the start of bringing our new club house and turf to fruition.
  • BHC President during the inaugural year of the Turf Complex (and all the complexities that involved from construction and liaising with FNC on sharing of facilities)
  • BHC best club female numerous occasions
  • Represented BHC at FNC Board meetings
  • BHC A grade hockey player
  • Representative veteran hockey player for FNC, HNSW & Hockey Australia.

2010 – Jennifer Grant “Jenny”

Jenny started playing hockey with Ballina High School as a junior in the 1970s. In her early 20s she starting playing for BHC with B grade, later progressing to A grade and representing Far North Coast in the open women, winning three A Grade premierships under coach, Joy Teaken. Jenny continued to play for BHC for another 35 years. She again represented Far North Coast in veterans, winning three O40 (Division 1) NSW State Veteran Championships.

Jenny was Women’s Club Treasurer for 5 years between 1985 – 1989 and 25 years later Club Secretary 2007 – 2009. She was Club media officer and newsletter editor for many years and established BHC’s website. Webmaster from 2007- 2009 and again in 2017. She produced the Club’s first Handbook and Operations Manual, updated the Club’s constitution and regulations and was part of the team involved in BHC’s strategic planning working group in 2009 to develop our junior program, increase club numbers and the start of bringing our new club house and turf to fruition. Jenny was actively involved in juniors for many years, coaching U15 girls between 2004 and 2006. Jenny was awarded Best Club Female in 2007 and 2008 and won the not so prestigious Club’s Animal Award (2006 and 2007). .At age 49 she won the Club’s highest goal scorer award (2009) .

    2004 – Phil Garrad “Wal”

     Wal joined the Club in 1962 as a 9 year old and has been playing continuously ever since. He went on to play A grade, and represented Far North Coast in junior and senior teams, as well as FNC veterans for the last 8 years from 1999 to 2006 and captaining the O50s team in 2004 and 2005, winning the Australian Title in 2005. He was in the men’s A grade premiership winning team in 1983, the first premiership for the men since 1936. Phil coached our minkey and U11 teams. He was part of organisation committee who ran the Club’s carnivals in the 1980s. He was president of the men’s club in 1979 and 1980 and was FNC secretary in 2006 and 2007

      2000 – Gordon Whitehead “Pippy” (1917 – 2009)

       Pippy had his first game for Ballina at age 14 in 1931, but wasn’t selected as a team member until 2 years later (because “he wasn’t very good” as Pippy recalls). He then went on to play A grade and then represent Far North Coast. History shows that this “not very good player” went on to dominate the weekly hockey columns in the ‘ Northern Star’ during the 1930s because he was an outstanding back and the nemesis of all forwards in the Association. He went on to become the Club’s first state representative, playing for NSW between 1937 and 1939.  World War II intervened and Pippy joined the Australian Armed Forces and was based in the Mediterranean, He was selected in the AIF team during this period, playing in Cairo , Tel Aviv, Alexandria , Jerusalem , Al Kantara, Beirut and Gaza . In 1955/56 he coached the Ballina High School U18 team winning the premiership in 1955. He was a FNC senior selector for several years and men’s Club president between 1964 and 1969. Gordon was awarded life membership at the Club’s 70th reunion in 2000.

      Photo: Pippy in state uniform 1939



        Gavin Garrett


        Gav started coaching our women’s C grade team around 1989 for 3 seasons, but it took him several years after that before he started playing, joining C grade men around 1992. He has managed the team for 13 years from 1994 to 2007. He was the Club’s junior FNC representative for 4 years as well as attending many FNC men’s association meetings over the years. Gav has always been a very active member of the Club’s social committee, always willing to lend a hand, whether it be organising our Club BBQs or running the weekly pub raffles.



        Chris Abbott


        Abbo joined the Club in 1987 along with 10 other rookies that year, taking out the D grade premiership. Two years later saw Abbo take on the role of Club vice president which followed 15 consecutive years between 1989 and 2003 on the Club’s executive as president, vice president or secretary. He was instrumental in the organising of the Club’s 70 th reunion and in the research and publication of the Club’s history for this special occasion. Abbo’s hard work and dedication to the Club continues into the new millennium as a key contributor in preparing the Club’s application for an artificial turf at Kingsford Smith Park .


        Maureen Bradbury


        Mausey has been associated with the Club for almost 40 years, playing as a junior with Ballina High School in 1970. She represented Ballina High School teams between 1970 and 1973; PSSSA school team in 1972 and 73, playing in the NSW High School Championships in 1973. She was nominated for the Lismore district junior sports awards in 1974. Maureen went on to play A grade for Ballina, represent Far North Coast senior women’s and veterans’ teams, winning the state veteran championships in 1998. In the 90s Maureen coached minkey, junior girls U13 and U17 teams as well as coaching senior women B and C grade teams well into the new millennium. Maureen was one of the key organisers and researchers for the Club’s 70th reunion in 2000. She has held the positions of secretary for the women in 1978, Club treasurer between 1996 and 2000 and was awarded Best Club Female member in 1997 and again between 2000 and 2003.


        Graham Brown


        Towzer started as one of our juniors at the age of 9 in 1957 and has been playing with our Club for over 50 years. 1972 saw the return of Towzer and the reformation of our men’s A grade side, its first appearance since 1967. Towzer was in the men’s A grade premiership winning team in 1983, the first premiership for the men since 1936. He was men’s Club president in 1984 and coached A grade men, junior boys and minkey for 15 years. He was on the Far North Coast ‘s Association judiciary and was a Far North Coast selector for 4 years. More recently he was our mens’ A grade manager, along with John Winkler, in 2001 and 2002.


        Trevor Dancer

        Trevor Dancer


        Trev first joined with East Ballina Hockey Club playing A grade in 1983. His achievements include:

        • coached men – A grade. B grade men from 1989 to 2006 (17 years)
        • coached juniors – U16 girls
        • coached women – A Reserve and B2
        • Club vice president and was Club Secretary in 1987 and 1988
        • Best male Club member in 1987, 1989, 2012, 2014, 2015
        • Was part of the team involved in BHC’s strategic planning working group in 2009 to develop our junior program, increase club numbers and the start of bringing our new club house and turf to fruition. and was involved in the establishment of the Ballina Hockey and Turf Complex
        • BHC’s turf complex manager 2011 – 2016
        • Member of C grade men since 2008, grand finalist in 2014
        • played FNC masters up to 2015 (& Newcastle Association when FNC not have a team in the older divisions)
        • NSW state masters for 20 years
        • FNCHA draw committee 2011 – 2017
        • BHC FNCH representative 2015 –  2017
        • FNC committee to source 2nd turf for Lismore and resurface Goonellabah turf in 2016-2017

        Trev has represented Far North Coast as a senior player as well as FNC veterans since 1992 until 2006. In 2007 he will be the first player to have played 100 games for Far North Coast . He has represented NSW veterans in the O40, O45 O50 and O55s.

        Also worth mentioning is Trevor’s commitment to the wider hockey community not only with Ballina Hockey Club but Far North Coast Hockey and NSW Hockey Associations. He was Far North Coast Men’s Hockey Association’s Secretary and coached Far North Coast U13 and U15 junior boy teams. He coached NSW State U15 touring side as well as winning national championships in 1992 with NSW U14 boy’s state team. He was on the NSW Hockey’s junior executive committee and a state selector for U15s.  He was also head coach for U15 talent camps and on the coaching panel for the U13 state talent camps. Trevor was also one of the guarantors for the Association’s finance loan for the sand based turf at Goonellabah in 1994.


        Joy Teaken (1942 – 2014)

        Joy Teaken


        Joy moved to the north coast in 1975 where she first started to coach Lismore High School teams. In 1979 she began coaching our A grade women, a position she held for 16 years until 1994, winning an impressive seven A grade premierships during this period. She coached junior (boys & girls) Ballina High School teams as well as coaching Far North Coast U18, U21, senior women and veteran 035 teams. She coached the North Coast Combined High School team for 5 years. The 80s and early 90s saw a plethora of Ballina juniors make state and national representative teams, largely due to Joy’s dedication and talented coaching skills. Joy was Club secretary in 1993 and 1994, award Best Club Female in 1993 and 1995 and was on Ballina’s turf committee in the early 1990s. Joy represented NSW as state goal keeper for 5 years between 1958-1962.


        David Reardon


        Throughout the 1980s Dave coached our junior boys. He played and coached our men’s A grade team as well as managing our men’s mighty D grade side. The brick clubhouse at Kingsford Smith Park , jointly operated with Ballina Netball was completed in 1983, largely due to the untiring efforts of Dave Reardon. In 1988 Dave was voted Best Male Club Member. Dave has also represented Australia in the men’s veterans.


        John Winkler



        Wink has been associated with the Club for almost 50 years. He started playing junior hockey with Ballina in 1959 and was still playing veterans until the 2004 season. Wink captained Ballina’s U18 premiership team in 1964, played A grade and represented Far North Coast winning the NSW state championships in 1966. He coached U14 junior boys and was Club president in 1967, as a 20 year old, and again in 1976 and in 2007. More recently he was our mens’ A grade manager, along with Graham Brown, in 2001 and 2002.


        Colleen Wills


        Colleen has had a life long association with the Club spanning over 40 years. She joined the women’s Club in 1958 and was our youngest treasurer at 16 years in 1960 and became president 4 years later in 1964. Colleen played A grade, represented Far North Coast and was selected in the NSW country U19’s squad at 17. She coached the St Mary’s schoolgirl team and our women’s second team in 1971 and 1972 and again throughout the early 1980s. Another 20 years later saw Colleen as Club president again for the women between 1981 and 1985. She was awarded Best Female Club Member in 1983, 1984 and 1985.


        Alexia Harriss


        Lexie started with the Club as a junior around 1960, playing A grade and representing Far North Coast . She coached junior boys and the St Mary’s schoolgirl team. Lexie was our Club’s umpire, backing up year after year umpiring many games each weekend. When she wasn’t umpiring, she was doing canteen duties. Lexie assisted with FNC junior umpire clinics and examinations. She was on the Ballina Sport’s Club Committee for the construction of playing fields at Kingsford Smith Park . Later she was part of the organising committee for Club carnivals to pay for the relocation of the floodlights from Hampton to Kingsford Smith Park. She assisted in the organisation of the annual street stall, a major fund raiser for the women’s Club for many, many years. Alexia was Club secretary in 1972 to 1974; Club president in 1976 and 1990; and was award Best Female Club Member 1989 and 1990.


        Connie Clark (1928 – 2008)

        life member Connie Clark


        Connie has had a long association with our Club spanning over 50 years. Connie joined the Club as a school girl in the 1940s, playing A grade as well as representing Far North Coast in 1946. She continued playing into the 50s along with coaching, running juniors with all of her 6 children playing hockey at sometime. Her grandchildren are still playing for the Club today. She was on the Club executive as treasurer in 1972 and 1973 and became the first woman to be awarded life membership in 1971 in recognition of her life long services to the Women’s Club. Connie is also a life member of the Ballina RSL Ladies’ Auxiliary.

        Connie played in her white cotton shirt and black, box pleated, knee length, uniform. That was when they had to remove the cow pats off the paddocks before they could play!

        Connie’s stick – 1940s


        Stephen Lutton (1915 – 2006)



        Steve joined the Club in the early 1930s, playing in our men’s 1st and 2nd teams. He was instrumental in establishing and running our junior boy teams in the 1950s and 60s and became our first life member for services to junior hockey in 1958. He was president of Ballina Junior Hockey Club from 1963 to 1973, as well as president of the Far North Coast ‘s Junior Hockey Association. In 1969 he sought assistance from NSW Hockey to introduce a FNC U18 competition. In 1971 he was appointed as state manager for Hockey NSW Juniors and later that year went on to be a state junior selector, positions he held for many years. In 1979 he was awarded life membership of NSW Hockey.