A note from our selectors

To our Ballina women players

The structure of the new FNC competition means the selectors have been required to revise the team lists.

The selectors have therefore determined the following teams for the new 2020 season.

As we now have 2 A Reserve teams, we have named these teams with the anticipation they will be evenly matched.

To achieve the required numbers in A Reserve, we have also decided to include our more junior players from the B1 and B2 teams originally selected and use the short season a unique opportunity to promote their development by playing in the reformatted A Reserve.

We understand these arrangements may not suit everyone’s first preference, however, we are hopeful these teams and your participation in them will assist support FNC conduct some hockey for 2020, everyone can have some fun, and we can return in 2021 bigger and stronger.


  • Tuesday 6.00-7.00pm B1 + B2 Women
  • Tuesday 7.15-8.15pm A+AR Women